Buy blades for braun series 7 without having to go online

Most men don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning their electric razor. If you are really lazy, there are an assortment of self cleaning base systems, that not only charge up the unit but also clean the heads for you.

Some use sound, others vibration to clean. Now, these are going to be a little more expensive than the models that you open up and clean yourself, but if you have little time to spend brushing out the heads or the foil, these kinds of razors can be right for you.

Now lastly, your razor isn’t going to stay sharp forever, no matter how good or expensive it is. You want to buy an electric shaver that is easy to open up and remove the dull blades and replace them with a new one. You also have to find a razor that is a brand that you can buy blades for without having to go online and order them.


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